Let's Bring Together Lived & Learnt Experience

Children’s Best Interests And The Right To Family Life Under Article 10 ICESCR

Study exploring the human rights tools behind ATD Fourth World and HRC University of Essex’s Human Rights Local research.

Abstract drawing of face using random shapes to create features. Sign reads "Words shape us, make them good"

Concepts Underpinning GRIPP’s Approach

How to we sustain a social movement through generating a new language from below?

Let's Bring Together Lived & Learnt Experience

Human Rights Local: Project Updates

Updates on the Human Rights Local project of the HRC University of Essex in 2020 & 2021, as well as what is planned for 2022.

We Need To Learn From Each Other

RightsBridge: Can We Create Meaningful Involvement In The ICESCR Review?

The fourth event in the #RightsBridge series, focusing on what meaningful participation of people with lived experience should look like.

People In Poverty Don't Ask to Be Poor

The Power And Impact Of Participatory Engagement with the United Nations

Conversation between Janet Nelson and ATD activists about engaging with the UN and impact of lived experience on policy makers.

Let's keep shining the light of ICESCR.

RightsBridge: ICESCR And Why It Matters

GRIPP RightsBridge Project Group meeting to discuss why the ICESCR matters and present talks from partners.

Poverty Does Not Mean Neglect

Defending Rights As A Parent-To-Parent Advocate

Nikki Hewson discussing how she defended human rights through parent-to-parent advocacy for Lewisham Council from 2012 to 2018.

The Story So Far Report - RightsBrdige

RightsBridge: The Story So Far

Summary of RightsBridge’s “The Story So Far” report, with information on each separate chapter.

Don't judge me because I live in poverty.

Bringing Together Lived and Learnt Experience

Webinar with experts in human rights, some of whom draw their expertise from their lived experience and were engaging for the first time with academics.

The Hostile Environment Created By The UK Government

RightsBridge: Cartoons Capture Discussion And Calls For Change

Capturing discussions of Building a Human Rights Bridge Out Of Poverty as cartoons by Graham Ogilvie.

RightsBridge: Showcasing Good Practice in Local Advocacy

The 2nd event for Building A Human Rights Bridge out of Poverty series, bringing activists & communities together.

RightsBridge: Event Series Underway

50+ participants join ATD Fourth World UK, Essex University Human Rights Centre, AIUK to host the 1st RightsBridge event.

Lived Experience of Poverty

RightsBridge: Event 1 – Bringing Together Lived And Learnt Experience

The first event of an 8-month seriesas the beginning of a shared journey that will bring together people with lived and learnt experiences of poverty.

RightsBridge – Watch This Space!

Finalising the details of the first two events in the 8-month RightsBridge series.

Building A Bridge Out Of Poverty

Invitation: A Human Rights Bridge Out Of Poverty

Webinar launching the “Building a human rights bridge out of poverty” series, with statements from partners.

Building A Human Rights Bridge Out of Poverty

On the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we renew our commitment to put human rights at the forefront of the anti-poverty movement in the four nations of the UK.