RightsBridge: Event Series Underway

We joined ATD Fourth World UK, Essex University Human Rights Centre, Amnesty International UK to host the first event of the Building a Human Rights Bridge out of Poverty series. “Bringing together lived and learnt experience” saw over 50+ participants from across the UK coming together to share, reflect and learn from each other.

Image of two puzzle pieces, showing that we should let help more people make the connection between poverty in Britain and Human Rights, and that people in poverty are not treated as less than human.
Making connection between poverty and human rights

Just Fair’s Campaigns and Advocacy Lead, Misha Nayak-Oliver, was in conversation with ATD Fourth World UK Activist, Patricia Bailey on poverty and human rights.

A second panel included a member of RAPAR (Refugee and Asylum Participatory Action Research) who spoke about the Status Now 4 All network, Nikki Hewson, ATD Fourth World UK, spoke about how she defends human rights through parent-to-parent advocacy and Kait Laughlin, educator, researcher and anti-poverty campaigner, spoke about accessible human rights education on poverty.

Image showing that the UK government is shooting a water cannon (symbolising human rights being 'watered down') at people who are using human rights as a shield, while a bomb in the image shows that this issue is a ticking time bomb.
The Human Rights Act is under attack

The next event in the series is on Wednesday 10th February and will be a showcase of good practice in local advocacy from across the UK. Interactive workshops will be hosted by Participation and the Practice of Rights, Together Creating Communities, Making Rights Real, RAPAR, BetterConNEcted, Hart Gables, Poverty 2 Solutions and Law for Life with the Roma Support Group.

Registration details are here, in the meantime follow #RightsBridge on social media to stay informed.

This blog was first published on the Social Rights Alliance website.