Growing Rights Instead of Poverty Partnership (GRIPP) is working together to end poverty across the nations and regions of the UK.

Illustration showing that poverty is a denial of human rights, makes people feel less than a human, sets up a cycle of anger and rejection.

We believe that Poverty is a Human Rights Violation, and that poverty and human rights need to be brought together to challenge systemic causes of injustice. 

Illustration showing what happens when people with lived experience leave the room (i.e. at the UN), they leave an impressive mark on policy makers with new ideas.

We believe that *Undocumented* experience needs to be shared to expose and challenge systemic issues at the root cause. 

*We recognise the “undocumented” both in terms of people who are without status and therefore undocumented, and people with status whose experiences have so far remained undocumented.   

Illustration showing that we should bring lived and learnt experience are like puzzle pieces and that we should bring them together.

We believe that through bringing together lived and learnt experience of poverty and human rights, we can realise knowledge and generate the power to drive real change. 

Illustration showing that the drive for real change comes from tackling poverty & inequality by working with people who have lived and learnt experience.

We believe that by bringing people, groups and communities together, across the UK, we can build a social movement for change.