GRIPP has created a number of resources through our work together. We have also selected a few of the resources we have found useful when exploring poverty and human rights in the UK. Please feel free to download, use and share.

If you know of any other really good resources let us know and we may add them too.

Resources created by GRIPP

GRIPP Submission to CESCR PSWG by ATD Fourth World, Intisaar, RAPAR and Thrive Teesside
Title page reads "GRIPP Submission to CESCR PSWG by ATD Fourth World, Intisaar, RAPAR and Thrive Teesside. January 2023

In January 2023 grassroots groups, ATD Fourth World, Intisaar, RAPAR and Thrive Teesside submitted GRIPP’s first ever evidence to the United Nations reporting violations of economic, social and cultural rights in their communities in the UK. Full report available here [Link]

RightsBridge: ‘The Story So Far’ Report
Cover photo of the report: "RightsBridge: The Story So Far..."

The 2021 RightsBridge events series is captured here in “RightsBridge: The Story So Far…”. It includes summaries of workshops, links to videos and content from all the various grassroots organisations involved. [Link]

RightsBridge Cartoons
Sample cartoon from the RightsBridge Cartoon Series by Graham Ogilvie
Design by Ogilvie Design

The RightsBridge events in 2021 were documented by the brilliant cartoonist Graham Ogilvie. All the RightsBridge cartoons are available for you to download and use. [Link]

RightsBridge Ground Rules Cartoons
Snapshot of the RightsBridge Ground Rules Cartoons

This short set of slides uses the RightsBridge cartoons to set out ground rules for online meeting spaces – you are welcome to use them in your spaces too. [Link

Other resources about Poverty & Human Rights

ICESCR In Plain English / Welsh
Snapshot of ICESCR In Plain English / Welsh

This ICESCR In plain English document, created by Just Fair, is a great accessible resource explaining what ICESCR covers in the UKl. [English / Welsh]

UK State Report
Snapshot of UK State Report Submitted to the ICESCR 7th Review

The UK State Report submitted to the ICESCR 7th Review by the UK government is available here. [Link]

Overview Of UK Government Report to CESCR
Image of the London Parliament by Marcin Nowak

GRIPP partner, Just Fair, shares reflections on the UK State report offering some analysis of its content and the process that it is part of here. [Link]