Author: Susanna Hunter-Darch

Picture of notes from a meeting starting with 'We Do Not' and then listing around 20 pledge items.

“We will not, we will not… we will not do fluffy ‘values’ talk”

The members of GRIPP reflect on their November 2023 residential, and the “We Will Not” process they used to spark conversation.

Drawing a a women's head divided in two - in the middle is the earth connected to the two halves of the head. Beneath it reads "We are the solutions"

How do we know what we know? 

Members of GRIPP’s Knowledge Team share reflections and questions on how knowledge is generated and released within their Action Learning process…and why it is so important. 

Collage of various magazine and newspaper images, text across reads "Culture Wars"

They’re at it AGAIN!

GRIPP member shares frustration and analysis in response to the UK Government’s use of culture war tactics and the impact this has on communities, especially those living with disabilities

Cartoon drawing on birthday cake with pink icing. On top are lots of candles and the letters "Happy Birthday"

Happy Birthday GRIPP…kind of!

Some of GRIPP’s founding members, Amanda, Koldo and Patricia, reflect on the journey to reaching 5 years!

On light blue background, the text in black reads "We are parts of something bigger". Around are seperate sketches of a nose, an eye, an ear, a mouth, another eye and another nose

No Range Rover but plenty of drive!

One GRIPP’s newest member reflects on their first time away with the group – lots of laughter, work, exercise (!) but no range rover!

Featureless face in orange, with dark purple,black hair. Within the face are 7 figures on chairs with a small question mark by each, and one figure with a speech bubble

Regaining my Power: a reflection on Action Learning

Rahwa, member of RAPAR, reflects on her journey in GRIPP and regaining power through Action Learning.

Photo of Amnesty Magazine on desk in sunlight. The text in yellow reads "We are blamed for our ill health, for not working, for our broken families. We are blamed for our poverty when it is the state denying us these rights"

“We Can Speak for Ourselves” Amnesty UK platforms GRIPP’s voice

“The deepening conditions of poverty in the UK are a human rights violation.” Amnesty UK championing GRIPP’s message in their Summer members magazine.

Photo shows, Patricia, and Caitlin sat at table with laptops and papers in front of them, speaking with Rahwa over zoom

Our Communities Voices, direct to you, the UN

On Wednesday 8th March 2023, Patricia Bailey from ATD Fourth World UK, and Rahwa Beyene from RAPAR, spoke on behalf of GRIPP to the 72nd PSWG of the CESCR Review in Geneva.

Drawing of a large mountain, with forest and a few houses on it, upon a scate board. Four people stood and sat at the top, scarves blowing in the wind, all pointing forward. Caption reads "Together we can move mountains"

Climbing the Mountain: GRIPP’s first submission to the United Nations

In January 2023 GRIPP submitted its first ever evidence to the United Nations reporting violations of economic, social and cultural rights in their communities in the UK. Read about how we did it here.

Image shows a long straight road stretching out to the horizon, the central lines only drawn half way along bring dragged forward by a silouetted figure

Comrades in Adversity

Using Action Learning to unveil our knowledge and build solidarity as anti-poverty human rights activists

Cartoon image of a green frog wearing a crown, lips pursed ready for a kiss. A small heart floating above

Do we dare kiss the frog?

The first GRIPP residential brings discussion, deliberation and dancing and some pretty impressive outputs

Design on turquoise background, text reads People make up words, Don't make up people

What does poverty and human rights mean to you?

Through the co-design of the GRIPP project communities shared their undestanding Poverty and Human Rights to mean to them.

Abstract drawing of face using random shapes to create features. Sign reads "Words shape us, make them good"

Concepts Underpinning GRIPP’s Approach

How to we sustain a social movement through generating a new language from below?