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Organisations in the voluntary, community and faith sector, whether large or small, young or old, thriving or only just surviving, all have certain things in common:
  • Governance – they have a group of people who look after the direction, development and legal responsibilities of the organisation
  • Resources – they have things that enable them to get the work done such as funding, contacts, partnerships, equipment or premises
  • Information – they know things about their local area, who needs what and how to get things done
  • Projects – they do things, tasks and pieces of activity that when put together make up the overall work of the organisation
  • People – they connect with people, trustees, volunteers, staff, individuals, families, neighbours or friends, everyone in the community matters as no organisation can get anything done without people.

get a GRIPP - Governance, Resources, Information, Projects, People

It can be hard to find the time to stand back and take stock of where an organisation is at and think about the things that could help it do better in the future. Such thinking is vital if organisations are to do as well as they could.

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